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We have created this blog to share our passion for dentistry, latest news from our humble surgery and any random stuff that we might find interesting. We hope you enjoy the posts and keep coming back to 'check-up' on us...


Sugar - The Hidden Menace!

By ToothDoctor, Oct 20 2014 11:31AM

Tyrone House Dental is supporting the 'War on Sugar'. Over the coming weeks we will be revealing 'Sugar Shockers' naming and shaming some of the worst 'hidden sugar' offenders and helping you to make better choices when choosing your food and drink. Reduce the sugar in your diet and your teeth will benefit too!

To much sugar?

There are two types of sugar - naturally occurring sugar like lactose in milk and added sugar, which includes table sugar (sucrose) as well as concentrated sources like fruit juice.

The new recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO) are that only 5% of your daily calorie intake should consist of added, or 'free' sugars. This equates to approximately five-six teaspoons (25g) for women and seven-eight teaspoons (35g) for men.

Spot the Sugar

•Low-fat and 'diet' foods often contain extra sugar to help improve their taste and palatability and to add bulk and texture in the place of fat.

•Even savoury foods, like ready-made soups and sauces may contain added sugar.

•A can of soft drink, on average, contains the equivalent of seven teaspoons of sugar.

•The natural sugar in some fruit, including apples, has increased as new varieties (including Pink Lady, Fuji and Jazz) are bred to satisfy our desire for greater sweetness.

Sugar Shocker No. 1

Heinz Classic Tomato Soup (300g)

Calories: 171

Sugar (g): 14.9

Teaspoons: 4

Soup for lunch? Tomato should be a safe, healthy option, right? Wrong! There are four (yes four!) teaspoons of sugar in a can of Heinz tomato soup, which seems a lot for a savoury option.

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