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We have created this blog to share our passion for dentistry, latest news from our humble surgery and any random stuff that we might find interesting. We hope you enjoy the posts and keep coming back to 'check-up' on us...


By ToothDoctor, May 12 2013 12:04PM

Braces have come a long long way since I was a kid! I'm sure many of us can relate to the phrases 'brace-face', 'metal mouth' and 'train-tracks' and trips to the dentist for those dredded brace adjustments. It's a journey of pain and un-coolness but it's a fact of life for most kids and it's all part of growing up and character building that kids are built for...

But as a fully fledged adult, 'train-tracks' are not such a great look! Geek chic is for the select few who can pull off the 'Ugly Betty' charm...but for most of us working adults...it's a no go!

Invisible braces are the way forward to creating a perfect smile for us grown adults!

Tyrone House Dental launch the start of 'In-Line' invisible braces from tomorrow and we couldn't be more excited...

The benefits:

- In-Line® is comfortable, made from twin layer clear plastic

- In-Line® is removable, remove when eating or drinking

- In-Line® is transparent, almost undetectable

The clever system is able to correct almost all cosmetic cases of “crowded” or “gappy” teeth - without the need for any 'un-coolness'!

Dr Rajabali will be blogging all about the new 'In-Line' system and is now carrying out FREE consultations at Tyrone House Dental Surgery for all those wanting to improve their smile...call us on 01952 250045 to book your consultation!

Traditional Metal vs Invisible In-Line
Traditional Metal vs Invisible In-Line

By ToothDoctor, May 9 2013 09:25PM

Its strange but true - one way to combat acid erosion in your teeth is to eat a piece of cheese after every meal. Say what? Yep..cheese contains alkali, which neutralises the acid left by the food you've consumed; sugary drinks and sweet foods are particularly acidic, so eating cheese after these will be effective.

However not just any cheese will do...cheddar is best! It contains the highest levels of alkali – soft cheeses don't really work. It doesn't need to be a big chunk – just eating a small piece after your meal is a good way to improve the health of your teeth quickly and easily.

Of course eating cheese doesn't mean you can ditch the toothbrush but as an aid it can help to bring immediate results.

And just for the record cheese before bedtime does not lead to nightmares...FACT!

By ToothDoctor, May 8 2013 12:10PM

We've all experienced those kernels that sit are at the bottom of the popcorn bowl. When eating handfuls of popcorn, it's easy to bite down on an unpopped one. If a tooth is already cracked, the crack worsens. Biting hard enough can also start a crack on an otherwise healthy tooth. Always look before chomping down on a handful of popcorn, particularly towards the bottom of the bag or bowl, where the unpopped kernels tend to fall. A cracked tooth can lead to pain and nerve damage so we always recommend that you visit the dentist to get it checked out as soon as possible. We offer various treatments for cracked or chipped teeth but where possible we would suggest staying clear of kernels and avoiding the 'bite back'..

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