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We have created this blog to share our passion for dentistry, latest news from our humble surgery and any random stuff that we might find interesting. We hope you enjoy the posts and keep coming back to 'check-up' on us...


By ToothDoctor, Jun 4 2013 09:59PM

While we at Tyrone House Dental cannot condone Candy (although everything in moderation....), no one can deny the pull of this world-wide phenomenon. Be it your 8-year-old cousin, next door neighbour, or my mum! Candy Crush has caused addiction across the board. The blue ones, the red ones, and those special liquorice ones; get 3 or more in line and you're on your way.

Now for the dental health message: The age old 'Saga' of enamel versus sugar...

'Crush that Candy and maintain those healthy teeth'

P.s. If you have any spare time, this game can 'fill' it. (Get it?.... 'Fill it'... Hilarious)

You have been warned. This game is highly addictive; should you listen? No

By ToothDoctor, May 24 2013 11:03AM

If you are looking for whiter teeth then RED LIPS might be the way to go! Gentlemen you might want to skip this one out...

Yep it''s true - swiping on a blue-based red lipstick will make your teeth appear whiter than they really are, since the color contrast (red against white) is so severe

Cool reds suit most women, are generally more wearable. Orange-based reds tend to suit warmer, darker skin tones best. There are so many different shades; it might take a bit of trial and error to find the right one for you.

The best place to try out your lipstick is NOT on the back of your hand but on your fingertip, because this is the closest to your natural lip colour (of course directly on the lips is better).

If you were to ask me my favourite it would be a close call between MAC's ever famous Ruby Woo and Lady Danger. But why choose? Buy both and mix it up Rihanna style...

I fell in love with Rihanna’s lipstick at an awards show and found out her makeup artist used both MAC Ruby Woo (blue based) all over the lips and MAC Lady Danger in the centre (yellow based). Mixing the two bases like this together give a fantastic look. It will make you fall in love with red lipstick all over again and make those pearly whites gleam!

By ToothDoctor, May 8 2013 12:10PM

We've all experienced those kernels that sit are at the bottom of the popcorn bowl. When eating handfuls of popcorn, it's easy to bite down on an unpopped one. If a tooth is already cracked, the crack worsens. Biting hard enough can also start a crack on an otherwise healthy tooth. Always look before chomping down on a handful of popcorn, particularly towards the bottom of the bag or bowl, where the unpopped kernels tend to fall. A cracked tooth can lead to pain and nerve damage so we always recommend that you visit the dentist to get it checked out as soon as possible. We offer various treatments for cracked or chipped teeth but where possible we would suggest staying clear of kernels and avoiding the 'bite back'..

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